A1: Etre et Avoir (to be, to have)

Bonjour ! Today a lesson for level A1 / Une leçon pour le niveau A1. 
C'est une belle maison ! 
(Château de Chenonceau, 
Loire Valley/Vallée de la Loire)

Todays' focus:
Etre & Avoir
(to be / to have)
- conjugation
- pronunciation
 -basic vocabulary
Practice :
-basic sentences

For audio, click the button :
Etre : to be, the being, the Essence
Avoir : to hAVe

sujet Etre sujetAvoir
JesuisJ' ai
TuesTu as
Elle / Il
estElle / Il
Nous sommes Nousavons
Vous êtes Vousavez
Ils / Elles sont Ils / Ellesont

A few things:

ai / es / est are all pronounced the same! "ay" as in "RenE"

a / as : are also pronounced the same: "ah" as in voilà

on / avons / sont / ont: contain the same ON sound, a nasal sound. You can pronounce it by making an "o" and blowing some air by your nose at the same time.

Ils sont and Ils ont are very close, phonetically, but one has an S sound, and the other, a Z sound:
-Ils sont = pronounced "Ils SSSont" (as in SSSnake)
- Ils ont = pronounced "Ils ZZZ ont" - the final s becomes a Z (like Zebra) because the next sound is a vowel (it's called a liaison).

C'est (pronounced "say") -It is / It's
à Paris (pronounced "pAh-rih")-in Paris / to Paris 
français (masc.) (pronounced "fran-say")-French
française (fem.) (pronounced "fran-say-Z") -French
beau (m.) / belle (f.)  = beautiful, handsome, good looking
européen (m.) / européenne (f.)  -European
noir (m.) / noire  -black
petit (m. silent final T) / petite (f.)  -small, little
gros m. (silent final S) / grosse (f.) -big, fat
une table -a table
un appartement -an apartment
une maison -a house 
un chien -a dog
un chat (silent final T) -a cat
le chocolat (silent final T) (no need to translate this one!)
un / une = 1
deux= 2
trois= 3

Exercice : replace the missing verbs (on the right, not in order) in the sentences (on the left).

For audio, press the button:
EtreAvoirExo01 by sandrinedeparis

C'une petite table
J'deux chiens
Ilune grosse télévision
Vousune belle maison
Ellestrois chats
Tu du chocolat noir
Ellestrois chats
Nous un appartement à Paris
How was it? I bet you did great. C'est magnifique!

Lesson © Sandrine de Paris
Photo : Wikipedia.


  1. Very, very cool! I love Naufrage en Hiver. Its really very helpful and oh yes, fun too!

  2. I can never hear the audio if it is in "liondrive"...just the other style where fm pops up in a small box.

  3. ugh.. I know... sorry about that... Liondrive is no more... :(

    1. I fixed the problem, and you can now listen to the lesson. :)



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