Learn French with Sandrine

Every student is unique, every lesson is tailored.

Sandrine provides first-class tutoring to students with high standards.

She caters to all levels, ages and goals.

She coaches and trains students for academic challenges, as well as professionals with upcoming presentations, job interviews or Q & As conducted in French.

She instructs professionals in the fields of Medicine, Business, Fashion and Academia.

Conversation in French...
As a teacher :
Sandrine teaches real-life French, and provides her students with grammatical, lexical and cultural tools to help them achieve their goals.

A lover of languages, Sandrine is passionate about teaching her native language in a way that helps build confidence. She is patient, gentle, efficient, enthusiastic.

Her approach is that of a personal trainer, encouraging her students to improve and build up strength and skills through a personalized, progressive -and pleasant- approach.

Sandrine’s students :
Francophiles with a passion for the French language and culture, and a strong motivation
to learn and speak French,
Adults of all ages who are planning on making the most of their next trip to France,
Students with specific academic needs (exams, SATs, AP, and help with thesis writing)
Professionals who are preparing for expatriation in a French-speaking country.
She works with academics who wish to improve their written skills or need their writings proofread or copy-edited.

... academic success

About Sandrine's teaching:
- Each curriculum is custom-made. The content of Sandrine’s lessons is tailored according to her students’ needs and goals, strengths and weaknesses and learning strategies.
- She always includes grammar, the backbone of a language, in context, as a tool to be used in real life situations.
- After each session, she hands out lesson notes, to be used for reviewing . She can also provide audio recording of the notes.
- She uses a gentle approach, but *does* correct mistakes -in a positive and encouraging way.
- Instead of a confusing, out-of-touch with reality, one-size-fits-all textbook, she prefers a made-to-measure curriculum and uses mostly her own, thoughtfully created practice exercises.
- She provides students with homework, for further practice in between lessons. (Upon request)
- With nearly twenty years of teaching experience, Sandrine is knowledgeable and flexible. She is able to adapt to diverse ways of learning and to address all challenges. After many years teaching anglophones, she is very familiar with common mistakes and obstacles.

il y a beaucoup de pays francophones!

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