Translation services

Translation services

Version française :
"Certains l'aiment chaud".
Translation into French
Sandrine provides translations for a wide range of documents: articles, books, websites, synopses... She also adapts and writes subtitles for TV shows, movies and documentaries.

Sandrine has a background in languages and translation. She studied English and Spanish in their linguistic and cultural aspects with a special focus on Communication. She is also a graduate of Tours’ Translator and Interpreter School CEPLV (Centre  d’Études des Langues Vivantes) and of the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Her bi-continentality (she shares her time between France the US) and her intellectual curiosity allow her to keep abreast of linguistic, technological, social and cultural evolutions.

Le mot juste : the right word.

For translations into English 
Sandrine collaborates with a native translator and writer.
Pour vos traductions vers l’anglais, Sandrine collabore avec une traductrice-écrivaine de langue maternelle anglaise.

I worked with Sandrine on a number of translation projects (subtitles, texts), the biggest one being a lengthy technical book which required a lot of work and coordination. I was able to appreciate her competence and dedication. For each project, we made the deadline and our clients were very satisfied. Sandrine is professional, reliable, responsive, trustworthy: a valuable collaborator.
Stéphanie Kunert, Paris

I needed a translation into English of my film project for financing. My movie is set in France, Canada and the US. I really wanted someone who could understand the context, the cultures, the characters and my personal intentions and decided that I needed to hire a French person for that ... She worked in collaboration with a native speaker and provided me with a translated document that spoke to English speakers without betraying my voice.
J’avais besoin de traduire mon projet de long-métrage pour trouver des financements. Mon film se passe en France, au Canada et aux États-Unis. Je voulais une personne qui puisse comprendre le contexte, les cultures, les caractères et mes intentions personnelles, et il me semblait que ceci demandait quelqu’un de langue maternelle française. Sandrine a travaillé en collaboration avec une écrivaine Américaine et m’a rendu un document qu’après lecture j’ai qualifié de “parfait", parlant aux anglophones sans trahir ma voix.
Sophie L., Paris

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