First steps: Je, Je suis, J'ai, Un, Une

Bonjour! Here's a lesson for beginners.
How to proceed? Read the lesson, learn the vocab, practice with the exercise.

"Cocorico ! Je ______ français !" *
(Le coq de Villemoustaussou dans l'Aude)

What you are going to learn today:

- I
- I am, I have
- The article "a"/ "an" / the number "one"

Lexique :

- "I own/ I have"

- "I am"

I = JE or J' (when preceding a vowel)
JE SUIS = "juh swee" (I am)
J'AI = "jeh" (I have)

The indefinite article A or AN :
UN (masculine)
pronounced:  a nasal "eh", i.e. let the air go through your nose while pronouncing "eh"
-don't pronounce the final "n"
UNE  (feminine)
pronounced: "ühnn" (close to "Prune")

NB: Un or Une also mean the number ONE
Un fruit ("frwee")= a fruit / one fruit
Une fleur ("flurr")= a flower / one flower

Prêt? Ready? Now, using what you have just learned and your intuition, do the exercise herebelow.
Un exercice ("åh-negg-zehr-sees") = an exercise.

Amusez-vous bien ! (Ah-muzeh-voo-byåh) Have fun!

J'ai or je suis ?
un sac français
une touriste en France
un touriste à San Francisco
un appartement à Paris
une maison en France
à Paris
un dollar
un Euro
à San Francisco

Congratulations on taking this first step !
-Or as we say : bravo !

-You can find the answers and the translation here.

Le coq
est l'emblème de la France.

The rooster is the emblem of France. In French, the rooster sings "Cocorico !", which has become a national(ist) victory shout. If you read it on the front page of a newspaper, chances are that some national sports team or athlete just won a major international competition.

to take the next step? Want to learn about "you" (I'm sure you do!), click here.

Photo and lesson © Sandrine de Paris

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