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Bonjour! Today: a lesson for beginners!

C'est le petit prince!

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Today's focus:
c'est (It is / This is)
Basic questions = What's this? Who is this? How is it?
+ some useful basic vocabulary

How do you translate "It is" or "It's" in French?
Very often, it's "C'est".
- However, it can also be "Il est" or "Elle est", which literally mean "he is" and "she is", because, if you remember: in French, things have a gender!

"C'est" (pronounced "say") is in fact 2 words "ce" (it) and "est" (is). "Ce" drops the "e" and becomes c' in front of a vowel.

>>> The negative of "c'est" is: "ce n'est pas" (it's not)

Today, we are going to play with "c'est" (and "ce n'est pas").
We are going to answer questions...

3 questions:
Qu'est-ce que c'est? (kess-kuh-seh) What's this? What is it? (Literally: "what is it that it is?")
Qui c'est? (Kee-seh) Who is it? Who is this? (when pointing to someone, answering the door bell or the phone)
Comment c'est? (Koh-mã-seh) How is it? How is this?

un (m.) / une (f.) a, an (article)
une table ("tah-bl") a table
un chat ("shah") a cat
un train a train
le TGV the French High Speed Train
un voyage a trip
un magazine ("mah-gah-zeen") a magazine
un livre a book (think of the word "library")
un touriste (m.) / une touriste (f.) a tourist
une maison a house
l'hiver winter
froid (m.) / froide (f.) cold
chaud (m.) / chaude (f.) warm, hot
bleu (m.) bleue (f.) ("bluh") blue
rapide fast (adjective)
beau ("boh") beautiful, good-looking
bon (m.) /  bonne (f.) good
délicieux ("deh- lee- see-uh") (m.) / delicieuse ("deh- lee- see-uzz")(f.)  delicious
cher (m.) / chère (f.) (pronounced like the name of the singer, Cher) expensive, dear
mais ("meh") but
et ("eh") and

L'exercice: answer the questions.
You can listen to the questions and answers
-either after you complete the exercise
-or while doing the exercise
SDPCEstExo by sandrinedeparis
I Qu'est-ce que c'est ? (what is it?)

1- Qu'est-ce que c'est ?

photo by ©Natascha Unkart

2 - Qu'est-ce que c'est ?

photo by ©Natascha Unkart

3 - Qu'est-ce que c'est ?

4 - Qu'est-ce que c'est ?

photo © Larazoni

5 - Qu'est-ce que c'est ?

photo ©Lydia Daniller

II Qui c'est ? (Who is it?)

1 - Qui c'est ?

de Marcel Duchamp!

2 - Qui c'est ?

à Paris.

photo ©Sandrine de Paris
3 - Qui c'est ?

4 - Qui c'est ?
(un Américain à Paris!)

5 - Qui c'est ?

III Comment c'est? (How is it?)

1 - Comment c'est ?
Paris, l'hiver,

photo ©Sandrine de Paris

2 - Comment c'est ?
Un voyage en TGV,

3 - Comment c'est ?
La soupe,

photo ©Sandrine de Paris

4 - Comment c'est ?

c'est délicieux!

photo ©Sandrine de Paris

5 - Comment c'est ?
Le Champagne,

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Many thanks to photographers Natascha Unkart, Lydia Daniller and Larazoni for letting me use their beautiful images. Please check out their work!

Voilà! A bientôt!


  1. Formidable!! Thank you so much! This method of teaching is such a wonderful surprise.



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