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Sandrine was raised among the castles, forests, vineyards and green hills of France’s idyllic Loire Valley. There she gained an undying admiration for two of its former residents: Joan of Arc and Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Upon graduation from Tours University, Sandrine was offered a French-teaching position in another exotic location: Texas. Having survived the culture shock and found a vocation, she moved to Paris to attend the Sorbonne and get a Post-graduate degree in French as a Foreign Language. 

She figured that this career would take her places, but instead, she fell in love with Paris and settled in the heights of Belleville where she taught French to foreigners and translated English-speaking TV shows into French. She enjoyed the international, multicultural exposure of the city and its vibrant cultural and artistic life. She also hosted radio programs, DJed, volunteered for non-profits, and participated in writing circles and cooking groups in Paris.

Many Americans move to Paris to follow their star, Sandrine caught the opposite wind and landed in San Francisco. Good things come out of being uprooted, and expatriation fed her inspiration in writing, music and photography. A passionate cook, she loves nothing more than putting an apron on and creating plant-based recipes inspired by folk cuisines.

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  1. BOnjour ,je viens de découvrir ton site, il est super !! et c'est aussi un très bon outil pour mes étudiants de français . Merci !



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