Bonjour !

Sandrine de Paris provides a wide range of services around the French language. 

Learn French
with an acclaimed native teacher, in person or remotely via Skype

Whether it is for school, work or for personal reasons, Sandrine's lessons are tailored to every student's needs and goals. 

From basic conversation to fluency, from simple sentences to academic levels,  Sandrine provides quality teaching to students with high standards.

Focused, intensive training for upcoming exams, job interviews and oral presentations.

At your side, Sandrine motivates you and helps you prepare for your next challenge in French. 

Specialty French
For professionals in the fields of medicine, business, fashion and tourism. 

Translation and Writing Services 
Sandrine translates and provides copy editing and proofreading services for your writings in French.

She writes content, for learning tools, websites, blogs and magazines.

Sandrine reviews your resumes, cover letters, applications and assist you with that nasty French paperwork. 

Voice-over and Recordings 
In her standard French accent, Sandrine narrates, sings, explains, dubs and even interviews.


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