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The written word:
Proofreading, Copy Editing, Content Writing in French

Proofreading, copy editing 
Your texts in French, be they academic papers, dissertations, articles or works of fiction will benefit from Sandrine’s input.

Forms and applications She assists you with your resumes, cover letters, applications, visa/carte de séjour requests and French paperwork.

Content writing Sandrine writes content in French for websites, blogs and magazines.

Content for French learning tools Armed with a 20-years teaching experience, she creates French learning tools (video, audio and written as well as tests and quizzes) that are dynamic and entertaining with a real-life quality and an emphasis on communication.

Writing Coach If you seek to improve your written French, for school or for work, Sandrine offers training adapted to your needs and level.

"I hired Sandrine as a copy editor and culture consultant for my novel set in the U.S. and Paris. She provided me with many insights on American Culture and was instrumental in the crafting process of what became my first published novel."
"Sandrine a été ma consultante littéraire et culturelle pour mon roman dont l’action se passe en France et aux États-Unis. Elle a partagé sa connaissance de la culture américaine et a contribué au processus d'élaboration de ce qui est devenu mon premier roman publié."
Mamadou M N, Auteur, Paris

"Having known her as a teacher for years, it was Sandrine whom I asked to help me write my Carte de Séjour application letters. Now an expatriate and property owner in Paris, I regularly require her assistance with French paperwork."
Anne M., PhD, Paris

"Sandrine helped me prepare for my sabbatical in France and write the application letter for my long term visitor visa."
James L., San Francisco

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