French for Professionals

French for Business, Fashion and Health Care Professionals

French for Business
Sandrine’s French lessons cater to professionals working in a French company, doing business in France or considering a career in France.

From occasional to for full-time work in French, learn to communicate in a businesslike way with your French counterparts.

Conduct business more effectively with an awareness of French business etiquette and culture.

Depending on your level and needs:
- Practice phone and email exchanges
- Practice negotiating, conducting a meeting in French and giving presentations
- Prepare for negotiations as well as social situations
- Learn about French business culture and attitudes in the workplace
- Learn French communication styles

Sandrine's French for Professionals syllabus is tailor-made to fit each student. It takes into account the role in the company, the type of work done in French, the goals to achieve as well as the language level.

French for Fashion
Fashion is one of France's leading industries. Countless companies worldwide do business with French fashion and luxury brands.

Yves Saint Laurent et Pierre Bergé :
le créateur et l'homme d'affaires
Sandrine teaches professionals both on the business and the creative side of the industry.

From acquiring enough linguistic knowledge to make the most of your trips to France to conducting business in French, Sandrine’s lessons are made to measure.

Discuss patterns, fabrics and orders.

Express your esthetic opinions.

Practice communication in business and social situations.

French in the medical field
Health Care professionals interested in working in developing countries will find many programs in French-speaking areas. 

For MDs running health care programs, for nurses providing care in pediatric clinics, for psychiatrists practicing amongst ex-child soldiers with PTSD, it is important to be able to communicate with patients, parents and local coworkers.

Good and respectful interactions with the locals on a professional and a personal level are crucial.

For medical expatriates, the success of a mission is linked to the ability to establish trusting and fruitful relationships in the community.

Sandrine can help you
- Practice communication in the medical workplace.
- Rehearse situations with patients
- Communicate with patients’ caregivers and relatives
- Learn the French medical vocabulary

To start learning French for Professionals, contact me with a description of your situation, your goals and needs, your experience and your level in French.

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