Voice-over services

Voice-over and audio recordings

Sandrine’s voice, her clear enunciation and standard French accent sound great on any type of recordings: radio, French audio lessons, readings as well as acted parts and even songs.

Experienced in studio recording for narration, news radio and music, Sandrine provides French voice-over services for audio and video learning tools, corporate videos, commercials, audio guides, movie trailers, documentaries, telephone messages, and public announcements.

Sandrine will record at her home studio and provide you with mp3 files, or work at the studio of your choice.

For more comprehensive services including recording in state of the art studio & editing by sound engineer, or if you need content (interview, narration, French version) contact me with a description of your project.


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to recommend the work of Sandrine. While working as the Creative Director at Lango I had the good fortune to find and hire Sandrine to help write content for an educational album focused on teaching French through movement-based music.  From our very first meeting she stood out as being not only a creative and passionate educator, but also a true professional in terms of reliability, quality of work, and collaboration.  I was initially looking for a translator and language consultant but soon realized that Sandrine was so much more.  She listened actively - a special skill that not many people I have ever worked with possess - and then used her wealth of teaching experience to offer thoughtful direction to the project. I also love that she has conviction about how the language should be taught without being dogmatic. She cares deeply about teaching, and teaching properly, and that level of professionalism was a pleasure to be a part of.  On top of all the writing and educational crafting she provided, she actually sang on the album. . . and was amazing!  She took vocal direction well, rehearsed, provided feedback, and was one of the easiest artists that I've worked with in the studio.  I really cannot say enough about the value that Sandrine brought to the project and I feel so lucky to have worked with her. Together we were able to create a piece of work that I believe will continue to teach and delight people for years to come.

Basho Mosko
CEO & Founder | BASHO & friends

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