You, You have, You are

Bonjour! Bienvenue! Today, a second step. Tu, Vous... it's all about YOU!

"Tu es une bonne amie !" -You are a good friend!

- You are, You have
- You: informal, singular

- You: formal or plural

Vocabulaire: - Sir, Madam
- At the bakery

Learn how to say:
"You own/ You have"
"Do you have…?" (in a store)

You are
/ Are you… ?

You = Tu (informal, singular) or Vous (polite or plural)

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Tu es, Vous êtes (you are)
Tu as, Vous avez (you have)

- tu es française / vous êtes française = you are French (female)
- tu es français / vous êtes français = you are French (male)
- tu as un téléphone / vous avez un téléphone = you have/own a telephone
- tu as un sac bleu / vous avez un sac bleu = you have/own a blue bag

C'est compris ? -Understood?


More vocab:
Even more vocab:
Now, un exercice, two exercises to practice your new knowledge. D'accord ? Agreed?

To hear the sentences, press the button:

Très bien! Voici un autre exercice. Here is another exercise:
"Tu es" (You are) or "Tu as" (You have) ?


You can find all the answers here.
A bientôt ! See you soon!

Lesson and photo ©Sandrine de Paris

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