How to work with the lessons ?

How are the lessons organized?
There are (generally) 3 elements in a lesson:
Theory: grammar explanation, vocabulary, with relevant exemples to put things in context.
Practice exercise: to, well... practice and get better at it.
Audio: to listen to a real French person. Reading and listening at the same time is a very efficient way of memorizing.

How do I practice with your exercises?
There are several ways of making this work for you.
- You can start with learning the theory. Read, take notes, make sense of it with the examples. And then apply your new knowledge to the exercises.

- Or, you can start directly with an exercise, before reading the theory. Starting with an exercise is good: it helps you practice and develop your language intuition, a key element of language learning.

- You can start with listening to the Audio recording, if there is one. Listen to the sentences while reading them and doing the exercise. Or listen without reading and try to make sense of what you grasp. It's also a good way of developing your language intuition.

It's your lesson, your choice. Do what works best for you.

How can I be really efficient in my learning?Write down the sentences, the vocabulary, the grammar points on your French notebook that you carry everywhere, (you have one of those, n'est-ce pas?), your smart phone, or your computer.
Speak: Repeat the sentences, read aloud. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of reading aloud, of talking to yourself. Even if it's not perfect, it's good for you.

How do I know how I did on the exercises?
I post all the answers here, on a separate blog just for the responses (and some extra explanations.)

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