How to say "I feel good" in French? (Video)

Le chanteur français Philippe Katerine partage ses émotions. French singer Philippe Katerine shares his emotions:
"Je me sens bien" = I feel well/good
"Je me sens mal" = I feel unwell.

The verb "Se sentir" followed by an adjective (or the adverbs "bien"/"mal" & some expressions like "en forme" [in shape] etc.) is used to describe feelings and emotions, as well as some physical states.
Je me sens fatigué (I feel tired)
Tu te sens bien (You feel good/well)
Elle ne se sent pas coupable (She doesn't feel guilty)
Nous nous sentons responsables (We feel responsible)
Vous vous sentez européens (You feel European)
Ils se sentent récompensés (They feel rewarded)

En chanson:

Exercices - How do you say in French...?
I feel sad today.
Are you feeling well? (Use "vous")
She feels happy.
I don't feel tired at all!
They feel sick.

Do you feel better? / Are you feeling better?
I feel full of energy!
They feel embarrassed.
"Alex, my friend: I know that you feel misunderstood."
He feels lost in this modern world.
We have never felt this depressed.

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A few phrases:
"Je ne me sens pas dans mon assiette" lit: "I don't feel in my plate" >>> I feel out of sorts.
Elle ne se sent pas au mieux de sa forme. >>> "She doesn't feel in her best shape."
Tu te sens comment, ce matin? >>> How are you feeling, this morning?

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