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It’s easy for a student to get overwhelmed with the challenges of the French language and its intricate grammar, long vocabulary lists and unforgiving conjugations.

Who's afraid of the subjunctive?
In school, fast-paced classes and packed syllabi can become a struggle and leave a student underprepared when exam time comes.

A longtime tutor and mentor, Sandrine knows how to explain and clarify seemingly complicated grammar rules. She makes sure students fully understands every point and are able to apply their acquired knowledge. If French tenses are an issue, she helps memorize regular and irregular verb conjugations.

She preps you for your in-class oral presentations, correcting phonetics and practicing speech skills.

In school, a lot is at stake, and it is important to put all the odds in your favor. Sandrine is here to help and motivate students to acquire the linguistic competence necessary to sit confidently for finals, exams and tests.

Sandrine preps students for all varieties of tests: SATs, AP French, DELF/DALF, etc.  

“Sandrine first started helping me with my French during my sophomore year, when I was struggling with the language. I had a strict teacher instructing my Honors French class at a fast pace and I was having a hard time keeping up.
Sandrine’s style of teaching was truly a breath of fresh air from the style I was used to with my high school teacher. She took the language and made it something that I wasn’t scared of anymore, and even made it fun! She was skilled at conveying grammatical concepts to me, as that was a major part of my homework that we focused on. She would talk me though the grammar with many examples to make sure I understood it, and if I still was struggling, she would give me an example of the phrase in English. She was always sure to make sure all my questions were answered by the end of the session, never rushing to finish just because our hour was up.
Sandrine really encouraged me to speak with her in French, and while this was hard for me at first, it slowly became easier the more sessions we had together. Sandrine was always on time and reliable when it came to our tutoring sessions.
I can honestly say that Sandrine is the reason why I did well in my high school French classes, which prompted me to continue studying it at college. She encouraged me to not be afraid of making mistakes and made it something I looked forward to learning, rather than something I dreaded. I have continued to study French at Boston University and just got accepted to BU’s Paris Internship program for next fall. Sandrine was one of the first people I wrote to tell that I was accepted, because I do feel that she played a large role in solidifying my love for the French language.”
Tess B. G., San Francisco

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