Skype Lessons

Learning one-on-one, face-to-face using live video calling.

Learn at home...
Skypevideo calling allow to combine the highest-quality teaching and the most flexibility.

Freedom: You can learn French from the comfort of your home, at the office or on a trip.

Conversation: a computer-to-computer, face-to-face interaction allows you to practice listening comprehension, oral expression and to correct and perfect your pronunciation.

Written French: with Skype's Instant Message tool, you are able to type and instantly receive and read the notes that I type.

learn anywhere.
Equipment: You need Skype (it’s free), a webcam and an internet connection.

Payment via PayPal.

"Sandrine is by far better than I ever expected! I'm so impressed by her professionalism, teaching ability, and receptiveness to my learning style. Though I live in the Bay Area, I chose to have Skype lessons, to cut down on travel costs. I'm also a physician who works part time in Francophone Africa, so I have a strange schedule.
It was awesome! She would actually watch me move my mouth and could hear me even when I was shyly trying not to speak beginners French loudly. Also, with Skype, she would quickly spell out things and explain grammar, which actually saved time, since I just used those notes from my Skype messages. It was like having my own little notebook already printed.
Sandrine has a very unique way of personalizing lessons - she knew where I needed help, and where I could progress quicker (I have no idea how she knows how to do this). Moreover, she firmly but gently made me do more conversational exercises, at slightly above my level. That's stressful and extremely helpful at the same time. In all, I thought she was a fantastic teacher - very high quality, and better than I could ever expect. I would strongly recommend Sandrine to everyone!"
Suzan S. Palo Alto

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